HISP KE Supports Advancements of Health Informatics in Kenya for
the Attainment of Universal Health Coverage.

About Us

HISP Kenya is a not-for-profit organisation (NGO) that specialises in the development and maintenance of health information systems.

Our Mission

The overall goal of HISP KE is to enable and support developing countries to strengthen their health systems and their capacity to govern their Health Information Systems in a sustainable way to improve the management and delivery of health services.

Our Plan

HISP adopts a broad based, developmental approach to capacity building and support of communities, healthcare workers and decision makers for improving health information systems.

Our Vision

Development and implementation of sustainable and integrated Health Information Systems that empower communities, healthcare workers and decision makers to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of health services.

Our Services

HISP Kenya offers the Following Services

Technical Assistance

We provide technical training on entering data in DHIS 2 and on engaging the software's many features for analyzing and visualizing data so that the data are useful. We also provide technical assistance to troubleshoot software issues that may arise.

Capacity Building

We aim to strengthen national and regional capacity to successfully set up, design and maintain DHIS2 systems. We are building a community of experts around the world and facilitate experience-sharing and collaboration across country borders.

Customization and Implementation of DHIS2

District Health Information Software (DHIS) 2 is a tool for collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of aggregate and transactional data, tailored (but not limited) to integrated health information management activities.